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Exclusive and exciting opportunities for brokers, intermediaries and providers

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The Resurety Broker & Intermediary Business Pack

Resurety isn't just amazing products... The Resurety Business Pack is designed to give you an 'unfair advantage' in the marketplace by automating your business... Here's how:

1. No Legwork Business

Step 1

You will have access to Resurety's increasing arsenal of business generation systems and tools to help you gain more clients and to meet the ongoing needs and demands of your existing clients.  

2. Automated Everything

Step 1

The amazing Merlin Online Insurance Platform does it all for you: Short, online client-friendly applications, instant paperless document delivery, online client activated MTA's, automated renewals and lots, lots more.

Add Merlin to your website or provide a simple link for your clients and prospects to use.

3. New 21st Century Markets 

Step 3

Take a look at Resurety's products. You can't help but notice how they reach out to new markets and offer amazing opportunities for your current clients and to attract and gain sales from new prospects.

4. Sales & Marketing Kit

Step 3

The Resurety Intermediary Kit includes:
- Literature
- Training materials
- Your own branded videos
- Sales & marketing resources
- Your Merlin platform
- Full support

5. Remuneration

Step 2

Resurety offers competitive commissions as well as full support and training to assist you in building and developing your business for the longer term.

6. Easy To Get Started

Step 3

We have also made the agency application and setup process super-simple. 

You will receive everything you need to partner with us and to market our products, including tools, literature, resource materials and your very own Merlin platform!

New game-changing technology that gives you the edge... And it's free!

With Resurety's 'Merlin' technology, we can help you drive new prospective clients to your website (or we can create a website for you), where they can complete the online form and get insurance cover right there and then. 

New clients, new business and new rewards.

Innovative solutions to some of today's challenges 

Pioneering Cancer Care

Step 1

The Rutherford Direct Cancer Care Membership Plan is a ground breaking policy providing access to the latest pioneering treatment in leading UK cancer centres with consultants who are specialists in their field. 

For individuals, families and employers. 

Driving Continuity Cover

Step 1

Talisman protects your work and lifestyle should you get disqualified from driving as a result of speeding. It also covers you if your car is stolen, off the road or you are injured and unable to drive. 

For individuals, couples and employers. 

Life Cover For Living

Step 1

Life insurance just got amazing! If you are no longer able to work as a result of an illness or injury or  are diagnosed with a terminal illness, then the unique Bucket List Plan will provide you with the means and resources to literally fulfil your dreams. 

For individuals, couples and employers.

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