Now, you have access to the latest pioneering treatment for the condition people fear most: Cancer

...Treatments include Immunotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy 

Announcing... A membership plan that pays for the cost of comprehensive cancer treatment

Available to Companies, Groups, Individuals and Families

The Rutherford Direct Cancer Care Membership Plan heralds a new generation of private healthcare with an innovative and affordable membership plan that pays for the cost of cancer treatment for individuals and their families, employees and groups. 

Members have access to the very latest medical technologies, procedures and therapies available. Uniquely, no other plan offers direct access to a leading cancer treatment network. It's the first of its kind in the UK.

If member is diagnosed with cancer they are provided with access to pioneering cancer treatments at a Rutherford Cancer Care Centre under the care of consultant oncologists who are specialists in their field. 

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Rutherford Direct offers you...

Comprehensive Benefits

Secret #1

If you need us, your membership provides you (and any loved ones that are also members) with the comprehensive care and pioneering treatments that you would expect from a world-leading cancer care network.

Full Care

Secret #2

Rutherford Health offers the most advanced treatments available including Proton Beam Therapy and Immunotherapy. Under the care of consultant oncologists, you have access to treatments that are most suited to treat your condition.

Simple & Easy to Join

Secret #3

Become a member instantly with our quick and simple online application.

No lengthy medical questionnaires or examinations. Get an online quote and join now!

Fast Access To Treatment

Step 4

Following a confirmed diagnosis from a specialist, if you, your loved ones or your employees need to access treatment the claims process is as simple as making a phone call. Our experienced membership team will take it from there.

Choose a plan to meet your needs and budget:

Two levels of
plan membership

You have the flexibility of choosing between two levels of membership based upon your requirements and needs. Each plan offers you full access to all treatments.

The Standard Plan is a lower cost option with the full suite of benefits that include travel costs and 4 star hotel accommodation whilst receiving treatment. The maximum benefit is £500,000 per person, per year.

The Comprehensive Plan is an enhanced package that includes 5 star accommodation (where available) and some benefits with higher limits. Additionally, this level provides a far higher maximum benefit level of £1,000,000 per person, per year.

And, take a companion...

Both plans also include the cost of a companion travelling, staying and accompanying you.

Rutherford Health

Leading The Way In Cancer Care 

Award winning Rutherford Health are at the forefront of transforming cancer care through technology, innovation and high-quality patient services all designed to help create a better future for cancer patients. 

Rutherford Cancer Centres are committed to excellence, with centres that provide an all-encompassing cancer treatment service, delivering high-quality imaging, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy.

"I am delighted to introduce and endorse the Rutherford Direct Cancer Care Membership Plan. The Plan has been created to address a significant gap in the access to high quality cancer care in the UK. This Membership Plan is so good that I have enrolled all of my staff and family."

Mike Moran MBE - Chief Executive Officer, Rutherford Health plc

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Individual & Family Membership

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Rutherford Direct membership provides cancer care treatment  for you, your partner and your children. 

Company & Group Membership

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Get a quote for your employees or members and optionally their dependants.


Is the membership a private healthcare insurance policy?

No it is not. The Plan is a membership plan and not an insurance policy and its benefits are offered on a discretionary basis.

What does discretionary basis mean?

This means that you do not have an automatic right to access membership benefits. We have an appointed, experienced Discretionary Panel that examines and reviews the member’s eligibility for assistance. 

The Discretionary Panel is independent and has absolute discretion as to whether to grant access to the benefits. In making their decision the Panel review each case to confirm eligibility for benefits under the Members Guide terms and conditions and also ensure that access is medically necessary in their professional opinion.  You can learn more about discretion and the Discretionary Panel in the Members Guide.

How will I access treatment if I am diagnosed with cancer?

Following diagnosis from your specialist, The Membership Benefits Service Team determines whether the initial diagnosis can be confirmed and relates to an eligible condition and procedure. Upon the discretionary panel authorising your benefits, we will provide written confirmation of the Treatment Plan to be carried out at the chosen Rutherford Cancer Centre.

What doesn't the Membership Plan cover?

The Plan does not provide benefits for a condition that was pre-existing in the 10 years prior to your membership first being taken out. It also does not include non-malignant skin cancer or cancer in-situ. Treatment and/or services not considered by us to be medically necessary are also excluded.. For a full list of all exclusions please see section 5 in the Membership Guide. 

How can I become a Member?

It’s easy. You can apply online right now by completing the online quote and joining form. You’ll need to give a few simple details, including contact information and who will be included in the membership. It is fast and simple to join and your cover starts right away.

How do I make changes to my Membership?

Easily. Once registered as a member you will be sent login instructions to your own membership details. Here you can add dependants, change address and view the full information of your membership.

Do I have a say in my treatment?

You will be provided with your Treatment Plan and of course you may discuss the treatment with the Specialist Oncologist. You may also discuss your treatment with the Membership Benefits Service Team provider (Northcott Global Solutions) to voice any concerns.

Can I be confident that the membership will cover all costs?

All costs will be covered up to the maximum amounts as laid out in the Benefits Table, which can be referenced in your Members Guide.

Does the Plan cover all medical expenses?

Yes, the Membership Plan will pay for all medical expenses as authorised in your Treatment Plan and detailed in the Benefits Table. For a full list please read section 4.2 of the Membership guide.

What is the process for making a claim?

Following an initial diagnosis by your Specialist, simply contact the Membership Benefits Service Team which is operated and administered on our behalf by NGS (Northcott Global Solutions). If your condition and treatment are confirmed as eligible by the Discretionary Panel you will be offered treatment.

Membership Documents

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Important Membership Details

As you would expect, there are some restrictions, limitations and eligibility criteria 
of which you should be aware: 

You can learn more about the small print of the plan by reading the FAQ section on this page or the Members Guide. 

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