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Comprehensive cover that provides you with the means to use alternative transport should you lose your licence, get injured and can't drive, if your car is off the road or you need emergency money to get home.

Protection Benefit 1:  Disqualification

The 'totting-up' of 12 points could mean disqualification. Some outright speeding convictions result in an immediate ban. Let Talisman pay for alternative transport costs with up to £30,000 per annum to keep you moving.

Protection Benefit 2:  Accident or Injury

Whether at work, home or play a sudden mishap could lead to an injury preventing driving. Twisted ankle? Sprained wrist? Or worse? You may be fit enough to work but unable to get there or drive to work. Up to £30,000 per annum to pay for alternative transport will keep you on the road.

Protection Benefit 3:  Loss of Car Use

Accidents, vandalism and theft force thousands of cars off the road but as a driver, you still have to work. Talisman offers you up to £75 a day towards a replacement hire vehicle while your ordinary motor policy sorts recovery and repair. 

Protection Benefit 4:  Emergency Funds

You, or one of your named employee drivers, may be at the wrong end of the country when disaster strikes, and be stranded there. Reimbursement of up to £2,500 maximum can be claimed to pay for necessary and reasonable expenses to get home.

If your drivers licence or your ability to drive is critical for your work or important in your life then your Talisman is there to ensure that you stay on the road.

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